Can resisting urges cause pain and depression?

Oct 22, 2022Uncategorized

Don’t hold yourself back

“Neurotic Holding Patterns (NHP)”, can cause energy to be blocked in the body. NHP is a product of policing our desires and urges we have that the super-ego may perceive as a threat to social harmony or moral code. That is the advantage. The disadvantage is that it may cause anxiety, anger, depression and an insatiable urge to express oneself. The irony is that the more we attempt to suppress these urges or desires, the stronger and more desperate they will become.

Your wild Id-ego (animalistic urges) and your super-ego (police) can live in harmony. Express yourself in private and understand that all humans have urges, not just you. Accept yourself and explore all that is!

This is also why Be Here Now personal training clients do things within their corrective exercise program that they may perceive as strange. Some of these things might include applying a semi deflated basketball to their abdomen or practicing intense deep breathing.

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