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We’re here to ignite the fire inside you with meaning and purpose.  Are you ready to awaken to your infinite wellness potential and start crushing your health and fitness goals? No more excuses. It’s time to get started.

Holistic Health

The only way to eat, live, and be healthy is to address every aspect of your well-being.

Whole-Body Focus

We don’t cover up symptoms with temporary fixes, we attack problems at the source.

Individual Training

You have our complete attention with personalized instruction during each training session.

Complete Transformation

You’ll be an entirely new person in 6 months or less. Warning: your friends may not recognize you.

We’re not your average personal trainer

We push you toward greatness

If you’re tired of the same old routine and ready for change, we need to talk.

The average patient spends 6 minutes with their physician during a routine visit. With this in mind, Be Here Now attempts to fill the health gaps that are missed at clinical appointments. We do this by educating clients on the importance of holistic health. Our programs teach foundational wellness with their inherently simple, fast, and proven approach.

The famous Greek physician known as “the father of medicine”—Hippocrates—believed that every man could be healed with 3 things: diet, quiet, and happiness. Be Here Now agrees with this notion and also believes that movement is equally important. So, we teach the 4 Doctors System based on Paul Check’s 4 Doctors System. This includes Doctor Diet, Doctor Quiet, Doctor Happy and Doctor Movement. Doctor Diet is nutrition, Doctor Quiet is meditation, Doctor Happy is pursuing meaningful goals, and Doctor Movement is strength training, cardio, and circuits.

We are so confident in our ability to create momentum in your life that we offer a 1-hour personal training consultation (for a $10 reservation fee) to discuss all of your goals.  

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We Do Things Different and Focus On

Holistic Health

Our team of holistic health experts focuses on weight loss, strength training, pain and posture, and reiki.

The numbers don't lie

Our Gym Progress Movement

"The meaning of life is to find your gift. The purpose of life is to give it away."   


—Pablo Picasso

Lives Changed

Years in Service

Training Hours

lbs of fat lost

The Best Personal Trainers in Harrisburg

Get to Know Our Coaches

Train with the best experts in complete holistic health including comprehensive weight loss, strength training, pain and posture, and Reiki.

Drew Acklin



Josh Reid



Justin Augenbaugh



Ivan Fisher



Take their word, not ours

What Our Clients Say

After training with our coaches, your results will speak for themselves.

Don’t take our word for it. Our clients will tell you too.

“Be Here Now is the place to go for real change. Drew is an amazing personal trainer and takes care of his clients. I have been training with him for a year and highly recommend his services. I hit my strength goals and learned immensely from him.”

Israel Lopez

Gained 11lbs of muscle and earned gold medal at a national powerlifting competition

"I’m thrilled with the results I’m experiencing. I’m not waking up in the night anymore because of pain. I feel taller. I can feel my musculature changing. My neck doesn’t feel as squished and the muscles in my back are stronger, allowing me to sit with a straight back—comfortably—a little longer."

Leah Light

Can sleep again after 3 months and 10 years of pain resolved in 3 months

“We worked on my diet and sat down to discuss it in great detail to help me decipher what I should be eating and avoiding. I highly recommend coming to Be Here Now for training and nutrition.”

Angelica Williams

Lost 18lbs fat mass

“If you’re looking for a personal trainer who truly cares about your personal growth and individual goals, this is the place to go! Be Here Now will heal and transform your mind, body, and soul.”

Haley Mills

Lost 12lbs in 3 months

“Everytime I have stepped into Be Here Now, I have learned something, laughed with the generous and open hearted staff, and left feeling better than when I arrived. Highly recommended.”

Mike Burton

Learned barbell training and transformed eating habits in 3 months

"Since training at Be Here Now, I have lost weight, got my blood pressure and cholesterol in normal ranges, strengthened my entire body, and set many personal goals including implementing a career change."

Andrew Couldridge

Lost 16lbs fat mass and benched 200lbs in 6 months


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