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We’re building a family of health. You’re invited to join us.


Passion and commitment led us here

“Our mission is to guide a holistic wellness revolution that inspires others to seek their truth of what it means to feel alive. We would be honored to have the privilege of working with you.”

Be Here Now was ignited after I completed a 10-day silent meditation. We strive to reflect the same energy and discipline in our practices at the studio. As your personal trainer, we don’t succeed unless you see results which means we take a personal investment in your journey. Let’s do this!

In Wellness and Health,

Drew Acklin

These are the things

We Value


We address the body, mind, soul.

We understand what is best for the Earth is best for us.


We gracefully pursue mastery.

We welcome mentorship and education.


We seek ways to serve beyond expectation.

We lovingly strive to reestablish hope to those in need.


We are clean, timely, consistent and professional.

We teach what we know, but most importantly, what we are.

Exclusive Personal Training at

The Only Holistic Wellness Studio in Harrisburg

Complete Wellness Solutions with

Customized Solutions to Your Personal Goals

Other gyms teach [temporary] weight loss...

We teach sustainable nutrition, fitness, and wellness

That means you'll learn the path toward long-term results, not just a temporary fix.

Our programs will certainly challenge you, but you'll quickly notice positive changes in your life that are both sustainable and fulfilling. We're confident you'll be pleased with the results. Let's unlock the keys to your best self!

Train with the best personal trainers Harrisburg has to offer

Conquer multiple facets of wellness with guided instruction

Learn how to create holistic lifestyle changes that become routine

We're Ready For You


Be Here Now is where you experience total transformation!

Start training now and commit to a new you.

Are you Ready for Change?


Be Here Now is where you experience total transformation!

Start training now and commit to a new you.

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Success Stories

The most fulfilling aspect of training our clients is witnessing their complete transformations first-hand. Are you ready to be the next one to achieve personal success in your life?

"Since training at Be Here Now, I have lost weight, got my blood pressure and cholesterol in normal ranges, strengthened my entire body, and set many personal goals including implementing a career change."

Andrew Couldridge

Lost 16lbs fat mass and benched 200lbs in 6 months

“If you’re looking for a personal trainer who truly cares about your personal growth and individual goals, this is the place to go! Be Here Now will heal and transform your mind, body, and soul.”

Haley Mills

Lost 12lbs fat mass in 3 months

Be Here Now