Our holistic programs are individually drafted toward your goals

What’s Included

Private individual healing

Light touch and hands-off practice

Fully-clothed session

Clean environment

Comfortable service

“I personally guarantee your success in our programs. If you’re not satisfied after your first month of service, I’ll give you a full refund.”

Drew Acklin

Owner, Be Here Now


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This exclusive Reiki offering is

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Be Here Now offers Reiki to help renew and cleanse your mind, body and soul.”

Reiki is an energy healing technique that promotes relaxation, reduces stress and anxiety, and encourages the body’s natural immune and healing response through gentle touch of the practitioner’s hands. What can I expect during an appointment? In the beginning of the appointment, you and your practitioner will speak for a few moments about your intentions for the session. Some people wish to gain clarity on an issue, some wish to have time for themselves to relax, others have pain or other medical or emotional issues they wish to bring healing to.

You will lie on a massage table, fully dressed but with shoes removed. Your practitioner will move around the table, placing her hands on you and above you to direct energy. Sometimes clients feel sensations of energy moving and other times they feel nothing at all. Most feel relaxed and peaceful during the session. It is important to note that you take in the energy based on what you need. The practitioner is a conduit who supports you in your own healing journey. A typical session lasts about one-hour.


Benefits of Reiki at Be Here Now

We help individuals transform themselves from the inside out. Indulge with Reiki at Be Here Now and experince the benefits of deep relaxation, stress management, and spiritual growth.

Deep Relaxation

Your scheduled Reiki session is completed in the privacy of our Harrisburg studio behind closed doors. The only people present are you and your practioner, allowing you the comfort of complete meditation.

Stress Management

Let go of your inner turmoil and transfer that negative energy outside of your body under the safety and direciton of your practicioner. We will guide you to feeling renewed and refreshed.

Spiritual Growth

Dig deeper into your spirit by experiencing the harmony of your mind-body connection. When used in combination with other spiritual practices, Reiki can help promote positive connections.

What to Expect

Deep relaxation


Reduced stress


Spiritual growth


Boosted immunity and healing


Better mood


Calmed mind and anxiety


Strengthened mental health


Soothing energy

Be Here Now