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Drew Acklin

Drew Acklin

Personal Trainer

Drew has been training clients for 7 years. During his first two years he worked at a powerlifting gym, training strength athletes before moving on to start his own business. During that time, he trained hundreds of people with vastly different goals before dedicating himself to specializing in women’s health and fitness. He has been lifting weights, learning, and obsessing over wellness for over a decade. Drew has certifications as a NASM Corrective Exercise Specialist and ACE Personal Trainer and specializes in holistic barbell training, lifestyle coaching, pain, posture, and weight loss.


Drew Acklin is the owner, head coach and manager of Be Here Now. In his mid twenties Drew suffered severe back pain and addiction.  One of the only ways he could sleep with the pain he suffered was to sleep on plywood.  He would need to crawl out of bed in the morning to the hot shower before he was even able to stand.  Desperate to find relief, he visited a multitude of specialty doctors.  Yet, the many visits and “solutions” they offered produced no progress.

Drew then decided to take matters into his own hands and learned a variety of things such as qi gong, barbell training, meditation, and eating an anti-inflammatory diet. The combination of these things resolved his back pain and he returned to a pain-free life.  His love for barbell training continued to grow to the point that he decided to give up addictions of alcohol and tobacco, as they seemed to take a toll on the quality of his life and his progress in the gym.  Drew attributes his ability to kick his addictions to his gut and brain healing in the presence of proper nutrition and exercise.

After a couple of years of learning powerlifting on his own, he then sought a world-class powerlifting coach to train him to compete.  Drew competed multiple times and won 2 national-level competitions.  Throughout this process, his coach saw his attention to detail and leadership ability and asked if he wanted to start training clients.  He took the opportunity, and it ultimately led him to start his own business two years later where he became a specialist in barbell training, pain resolution, and weight loss.

Drew is a student of the world-renowned holistic health expert, Paul Chek. He became a Holistic Lifestyle Coach and Scientific Back Trainer through Paul Chek’s Institute of Holistic Kinesiology based in California.  Drew applies Paul Chek’s principles of The 4 Doctors within the systems at Be Here Now.

Additionally, Drew often studies topics related to spirituality, psychology, business, powerlifting, self-development, and nutrition. More recently, he has become especially interested in training for competitive Spartan Races, in which athletes test their strength and endurance throughout large outdoor obstacle courses.

Areas of Expertise

  • Barbell Training
  • Body Building
  • Pain Management
  • Posture
  • Weight Loss

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